Participate in the American Volunteer Group Ukraine Mission …

I am in Ukraine with a film crew to complete a documentary on Cultural Genocide but I am also working with my friends Brock & David at “Ukraine Focus” to purchase an additional 50 used 2016 ambulances from Madrid for shipment to the front lines of Ukraine. We are buying the ambulances for the bargain price of $10,000 each including delivery to Ukraine. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of lives will be saved by this effort.

My old friend Bruce Foulke, CEO of American Heritage, has agreed to split the cost with me. I don’t expect anyone else to participate but I am giving anyone who would enjoy saving lives for a modest investment the chance to join me. Anyone so inspired can contribute at my non profit 100% of any donation will go to purchasing used ambulances because I cover all overhead costs.

I know that many Americans find it easy to absorb Russian misinformation and some want to end American support for Ukraine…. But this is not a political stand nor should ambulances be a political issue. Ukraine has struggled with a residue of corruption that was endemic in the old Soviet system but the Country has made great strides towards democracy. Regardless of your politics and opinions, I see no reason that young Ukrainians should be denied access to ambulances required to save them from injuries suffered in a conflict that they did nothing to provoke…. and to those who have recently expressed their opinion that I waste too much of my time and resources on causes that distract from my core business, I can only gently respond that I have worked hard and I have earned the right to pursue my own passions. There are things far more important than temporal gains.