Current Mission: Sourcing, Funding & Supplying Ambulances for Ukraine Defense Forces and Civilian Casualties!

Ukraine Aid Mission Recap

Twice in as many months Fred Hagen has led humanitarian aid missions in Ukraine, delivering life-saving supplies and high tech equipment to hospitals in the conflict zone. Here is a brief video recap of the American Volunteer Group — Ukraine mission.

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Red Cross in Ukraine

Mission Statement

American Volunteer Group, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization, has performed humanitarian missions sourcing, shipping and delivering medical electronics equipment and general clinical supplies to hospitals in Ukraine.

The new mission focus will be sourcing and supplying ambulances for the Ukrainian Defense Forces and civilian medical emergencies.

American VolunteerGroup also provides logistical support to other NGOs in the refugee centers and conflict zones.

This is an aid mission conceived by and executed by people with a proven record for taking on and accomplishing epic tasks under the most challenging circumstances.

This showdown between democracy and autocracy is devastating. The fabric of life across the nation is in tatters with 4 million refugees fleeing to the west and physical destruction that will require a 21st century Marshall Plan to rebuild and restore.

American Volunteer Group

The Inspiration for the American Volunteer Group

The name AVG-Ukraine is inspired by the spirit of the original American Volunteer Group, popularly known as the “Flying Tigers” that left the comforts of America to assist China prior to America’s entry into WW2.

Flying Tigers

Alfred Hagen


Alfred D. Hagen is an acclaimed war historian, salvage/recovery expert and a premiere private commercial contractor specializing in hospitals, museums, and major commercial/residential projects in the USA. His documentaries on the search and recovery of lost WWII military airplanes in the jungles of Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific are broadcast nationally on The HISTORY Channel and the Public Broadcasting System (PBS).

On numerous trips to Ukraine in recent years he has established business ties and friendships with Ukrainians and acquired property with the initial plan to create a large scale collaborative farming venture in the breadbasket of Europe.

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